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Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean counters
  • Clean other surfaces
  • Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
  • Clean of mirrors
  • Clean light switches and handles
  • Clean floor
  • Emptying of bin/s

Office Area

  • Clean desks if a ‘Clear desk policy’ in place
  • Clean other surfaces
  • Clean outside of cabinets/cupboards/drawers
  • Clean light switches and handles
  • Emptying of bin/s
  • Clean floor


  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect urinal/s and toilet/s
  • Clean and disinfect sink area/s
  • Clean other surfaces
  • Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
  • Bin/s emptied
  • Clean floor

Kitchen Area

  • Clean surfaces
  • Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
  • Empty of bin/s
  • Clean and disinfect sink area
  • Clean floor
  • Clean handles
  • Clean inside/outside of microwave
  • Clean of tables and chairs
  • Clean outside of white good appliances


Above is the checklist for the office cleaning service. For extras such as computer cleaning (screen, base unit, keyboard), telephones, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning of tiles, use of sink un-blocker, moving of light furniture for vacuuming, rubbish removal, internal window cleaning or something else. Please allow for extra time and a cost for these tasks to be undertaken to a professional standard.

Our own common sense, time permitting and attention to detail allow us at times to go above and beyond. This could be removing cobwebs from the ceiling, dusting skirting boards, bookcases or blinds, vacuum those other hard to reach places or anything else that we may see within reason.

For no office disruption work can be completed outside of normal working hours.



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