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Did you know that some private cleaners may not be registered self-employed? This could mean you the homeowner or business are considered the employer. HMRC could carry out at any time an investigation of cleaner, homeowner or business. It could be found that you are now liable for PAYE, NICS, holiday, sick, maternity pay etc.…. If so, then prosecution can be sought or monies owed to HMRC backdated up to 6 years.

Also if the cleaner has no insurance/s what so ever. Should anything happen or go wrong then you the homeowner or business are left with damage and a huge bill. The situation may take time and cause you huge embarrassment and inconvenience.

So why choose Xcel Cleaning Services?

  1. Do we use agency cleaners?

    No. Here at Xcel we employ directly. Some cleaners may be self-employed due to work commitments elsewhere.

  2. How do we ensure our quality of service?

    We constantly monitor our service. We do this from self-assessment and spot checks via our quality assurance procedure. We will also ask for feedback by our client’s. We continually strive to improve our performance and standards.

  3. If I book you on a regular basis. Will one day an increased invoice appear?

    No. Our terms and conditions within our service contract states that if any charges are to increase. We will write to all clients and give a minimum 28 days’ notice before increase takes place.

  4. What won’t you clean?

    We clean most things upon request if not in our check list. We will not attempt outside spaces, lofts, septic tanks, stains, spillages, animal mess, valuable or fragile ornaments, pictures, furniture, electricals or something that requires a specialist clean unless any of the above is pre-agreed. We are always open to pleasing and accommodating our customer requests if we can.

  5. Who provides materials or equipment?

    Xcel provides all equipment and products. If you wish us to use your own products the price still remains the same that we charge for all our services. All we ask for is access to water and electricity.

  6. Can you use eco-friendly products or pet/child friendly products?

    Yes. We are always looking to improve what we can offer and help the environment. There may need to be a very small cost adjustment to accommodate this request.

  7. When do you clean?

    We can clean 24/7/365 days a year. We may need to adjust our prices dependent upon nature of job, time required and time carried out. For example short notice or bank holidays will incur an increased cost. We will always be happy to discuss and quote competitively.

  8. Are you insured?

    Yes. It is a sound business that has good level of insurance. We have public liability, employee and product cover. Xcel if a claim made will not pay any excess charge if applicable. This is much standard across the cleaning industry. Copy is available upon request.

  9. I already have a lower quote- will you price guarantee?

    No. The reason for this is that you pay for what you get! If it looks cheap, ask yourself the type of service and quality you may receive. We are always happy to assist and support upon a specific tailored need and budget requirement.

  10. What areas do you cover?

    We are based in Tiverton, but are always happy to go beyond. We carry out work in Taunton, Wellington, Crediton and Exeter. Call us to chat!

  11. How do I pay?

    In the first month we ask for payment at the end of session or work being complete unless otherwise agreed. This is to protect and safeguard Xcel from allowing built up hours and money owed. For first time client’s and services we offer such as end of tenancy cleans we may ask for a deposit paid prior to work commencing. We find that client’s after the first month tend to find it easier to set up a standing order or pay bank account directly. All payment options will be discussed so both parties are satisfied.



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